What is the most profitable farming this year

in the vast rural areas of the vast land, everywhere is the concern of the business! So, in rural breeding and planting is a very profitable thing! No matter who is the real farmers still rooted in rural entrepreneurship, hope to be able to combine their business with career opportunity ah! So, what this rural culture is the most profitable? Look!

eel farming: Eel farming is a popular breeding project, the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic market eel outstanding, Japan South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macao demand also showed a rising trend, only South Korea imports amounted to 200 thousand tons. The wild eel resources in addition to Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui and other areas there is a certain division, other areas have been destroyed, is expected after a few years will gradually disappear. The increase in demand and resources to reduce the eel market supply is becoming increasingly tense, prices rose steadily. In winter, the gap on the supply and demand of coastal city of more than 100 tons, a weight of 100 grams or more of the eel wholesale price reached 60-70 yuan per kilogram, 50 yuan 40-50 grams, 50>

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