Paint shop is to do a good job of distribution or agent

choose a brand to cooperate, to become a distributor or agent, has become the main way of social entrepreneurship shop. However, for many investors, because of the difference between distribution and agency, in the choice of time it is difficult to make up their minds. So, open the paint shop is to do a good job distribution or agent?

is currently the decoration of the people want to paint shop, but for many reasons, often entangled in the choice of paint agent or paint distributor on the issue of.

well, here’s a simple comparison between the two.

paint distributor benefits:

1, easy to purchase; general distributor to do paint in the vicinity of the general agent to take goods, very convenient, there is a need to take goods.

2 and flexible liquidity; do not paint distributors, have rented warehouse to hoard goods, need to purchase, fast and convenient, is in use, no pressure of capital turnover.

Disadvantages of

paint distribution:

1, the purchase price is high; general paint agent to earn some, probably about 30% of the profit space, mainly the amount of walking.

2, out of stock situation is serious; sometimes paint sales season, it is difficult to get goods from the general agent, generally have to wait for a good time to delay the construction and renovation.

3, the distribution of more than a general agent in the development of the surrounding areas to do distribution, distribution points more, little profit.

and what about the paint agency?

direct purchase, the purchase price is low, a large quantity, high profit, can develop around the distribution points, expand the sales network, but need good sales channels!

from the above analysis, we can draw:

1, sufficient funds, there are mature sales channels, you can consider doing paint general agent; 2, lack of funds, just want to open a small shop to do business, you can consider doing paint distributors.

although small series of analysis of the content is not much, but for many investors should be benefited, for many investors should have a considerable impact on the decision. So, open paint shop, you choose to do distribution, or choose to do agency?

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