What are the operating skills of hot dumplings shop

is also set up shop business, some shops booming business, and some shops are cold, which is the difference. If you want to improve the operating status of their own shops, naturally need to learn from experience. So, what is the business of the dumpling shop business skills? Let Xiaobian introduced through a shop.

do southerners like dumplings? The answer cannot be totally negative. Where is the best place to make money? Of course, there is more traffic. From the northeast to the old Lee family and relatives rate a total of 13 people, opened a North dumpling restaurant in Zhejiang NingBo Railway Station next to a monthly income of more than one hundred thousand, so they are how to manage the dumplings? The operation method of their three measures:

decoration features

shop 8 light red lantern, "candle lit", especially at night, is a bustling scene around chic. Shop, everywhere show "northeast flavor": sorghum wine, lacquer chopsticks, the North scenery decorative painting, color heavy table and chair, even a curtain and a platform, diners eat "Lao ke".

food choice is the "northern sister-in-law", dressed in a floral xiaogua, an authentic "Gala" the words of the north, a crisp Lisuode like tracy". Always on the move off, especially in the north, into the store feel kind especially. Even the locals, but also quickly into the rich northern style.

‘s Lee said, dumplings is an unusual thing, to attract the attention of customers, have to spend a lot of thought. This is the "northeast flavor" he had specially designed, the purpose is to allow customers to come in, sit to eat, we northerners forthright and thrifty atmosphere.

The sale of

breaking of rules

dumpling is mainly located in the past guest workers and far apart from each other. Customers in this meal is more affordable, spend 2 yuan will be able to buy dumplings stuffed with Chinese cabbage 8. 8 dollars for the whole filling dumplings, can. In Ningbo city of high consumption, and high prices today, 8 dollars in other stores may only point one or two dish of pickles.

make money? To make sure, but the profit is very thin, mainly depends on the traffic, fast. If you want to make dumplings take on the train, the store can be equipped with plastic lunch box. Local residents if the point of mushrooms, seafood dumplings, even two to send. At the weekend, local customers with his family to fresh products.

‘s Li said the shop to be successful, is to break some rules, such as the sale of cold store only rarely "refrigerated fee", take out and provide convenient box practice and don’t shop. Big fish and small fish together, less accumulation, improve the total efficiency of the store.


team strength


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