See how to use price strategy to seize the UNQLO is Chinese consumers

UNIQLO room event, immediately caused the media between a lips gun. The incident itself, Xiao Bian did not want to make any comment, as long as the understanding of how the Japanese famous clothing brand strategy to seize the Chinese consumer price. You know, in the China UNIQLO development momentum is very rapid, which is certainly a lot of business strategy is the entrepreneurial learning.

1, penetration pricing

2, price adjustment strategy

under the rising prices of raw materials and the strong competition pressure, in order to ensure that each product has a certain profit space, in addition to the internal management and reduce the cost of the product, the price adjustment is undoubtedly the most convenient and most effective means. Timely adjustment of the price of the product is conducive to consolidate the market position has been achieved.

UNIQLO "hot period first price reduction strategy, cheap cheap" is unmatched by other industry. The price strategy is aggressive, they never skimp on the product selling price will make snap, arouse consumers not to buy a desire to buy, and other industry tend to the end of the season to clear inventory, price adjustment will be quite different on their price.

3, discount pricing strategy

enterprises as soon as possible in order to return the goods, companies often give a discount, mainly adopts the method of cash discount and quantity discount. Discount pricing is to make certain concessions to the basic price, directly or indirectly to reduce prices in order to win customers, expand sales. Among them, there are quantity discounts, cash discounts, functional discounts, seasonal discounts in the form of direct discount.

UNIQLO’s price strategy is really awesome, it is a key factor to promote the rising popularity of the store. The three methods mentioned above, is often used for UNIQLO’s price strategy, can be used for other entrepreneurs from the clothing store. Of course, the success of UNIQLO and other more factors need further understanding.

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