The role of the audience in the exhibition

In fact,

is now hosting a series of exhibitions in various countries, and the exhibition can also help more enterprises to get opportunities, but also to promote the development of a region’s business.

countries around the exhibition have all kinds of exhibition design and construction management regulations and restrictions. A lot of rules and restrictions are related to the maintenance of public safety and public order, do you understand?

A, the provisions of the relevant booth.

1, height restrictions have restrictions on the exhibition and display exhibits, especially in the double booth, booth, stair top extends outward structure limits more stringent, high limit is not prohibited high, if the relevant formalities and meet the technical standards, may have won the super high building layout, quasi booth exhibits.

2, open face restrictions: a lot of exhibition booth to prohibit completely closed, if the booth closed, exhibition show will lose its role, visitors will have to complain, but the show closed negotiations room, office, warehouse, therefore, coordinated approach is generally an area outside a certain proportion of open provisions. This ratio is generally 70%, allowing the area below 30% closed.

two, the provisions of the relevant exhibition equipment.

1, exhibition exhibition material restrictions: in many countries, the exhibition rules must be used by the fire retardant materials, restrict the use of plastic limit, dangerous chemicals.

2, electrical regulations: most of the country’s exposition on the electrical appliances have strict regulations, the technical indicators of the appliance must comply with local regulations and requirements.

three, the provisions of the relevant people.

aisle restrictions: mainly to the aisle width of regulations and restrictions, in order to ensure the smooth flow of the exhibition provides aisle width, prohibit the exhibition booth, props, works occupy aisle; TV, retail goods are often caused by congestion, and therefore a corresponding requirements, such as TV may face the aisle, from the aisle to counter certain distance.

four, provisions on the fire.

1, the provisions of the fire environment: if it is a large area of the booth, must be in accordance with the size of the exhibition hall and the expected number of visitors to set up an emergency channel or exit and set up signs. Fire equipment requirements: must be equipped with fire equipment.

2, the provisions of personnel: some of the exhibition requires the booth designated fire chief, and require all booth personnel know the fire regulations and emergency exits, etc..

five, the exhibits of the rules and restrictions.

is mainly to the abnormal exhibits include high and heavy exhibits provisions. As long as appropriate measures can be generally resolved. For example, the high limit, as long as the exhibition hall is high enough, you can discuss with the pavilion to solve; overweight exhibits can be used to ground, scattered unit load. The more common and difficult to solve the recommendation

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