Join the woman mother private restaurant how much money is needed

said Chinese of delicacy enthusiastic amazing, this is a kind of morbid performance, is a direct embodiment of giant baby, of course at this point is not how small I recognized, very much agree with Professor Liu Xinwu said, it is, no matter what kind of culture are no, the vulgar. Eating is no exception. Yes, for a time, the diet culture is one of the representatives, but also for the future generations of our indispensable cultural heritage.

said that there is a direct relationship between happiness and food, food in the hearts of everyone occupies a position can not be shaken. Each ingredient, after careful cooking can become delicious food. This dish is private consumption demand to meet the current mother in law, extraordinary skill, the most extraordinary taste. Because of the popular business makes many investors have chosen to join her mother dishes, the woman mother join private kitchens is how much cost? This is a question that many people are concerned about the following small series to introduce in detail.

joined the woman mother private restaurant need how many money?

usually join the franchise and the cost of joining the city and the operating area of the store, the cost is not only the only one case, for this we should all understand it.

after a small series of on-the-spot investigation, mother in law private kitchens 500 square meters -800 square meters of the renovation costs 40-64 million yuan, 800 square meters -1000 square meters of 64-80 million yuan, more than 1000 square meters is 800 thousand yuan; the amount of 500 square meters -800 square meters of equipment goods is 13-18 million, 800 square meters -1000 square meters of 18-25 million yuan, 1000 square meters to more than 250 thousand yuan. Of course, there are a number of other investment costs, so join the business still have to prepare sufficient funds. If you want to join her mother private dishes, have to prepare at least 800 thousand yuan. I hope you have enough financial capacity, so as not to pass the good business opportunities.

through the introduction of the above, I believe you need much money to join her mother? Kitchens should have a comprehensive understanding. I hope we can help you, I wish you success in business

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