Shandong Ji’nan three real to help college graduates Entrepreneurship

2016 years of College Students’ employment work is about to begin, in order to let more college graduates can find their own future, Shandong Ji’nan has taken a number of measures to implement the college graduates employment security work.

to effectively do the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship, Shandong Ji’nan Dongguan Street to prepare in advance, meticulous arrangements, and strive for the majority of college graduates to provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services, to ensure the smooth employment of College graduates.

"real data". Carry out college graduates registration, through the publicity, by the community labor security officer, college community service posts, each floor floor length to take graduate information, to ensure that the information is true and effective. Relying on social security service platform to establish electronic files, provide the basic data for the next step to provide services. Currently collected 158 graduates in 2015 information.

"real return". By the person on a regular basis without the employment of graduates of 100% telephone interviews, a detailed understanding of the employment of college graduates employment intention, employment demand, helping the demand, and maintain the platform in real time, for them to send jobs to send, to send aid policy.

service "". Build employment platform, contact area units set up "dianliu employment promotion", provide a job or internship opportunities, three employment assistance services for unemployed college each have employment aspirations, ensure the service rate of 100%. To build a business platform, with professional organizations, the establishment of entrepreneurial business mentor project library, library, collection area office and head room information, an entrepreneurship training, a pioneering project, a business mentor, a small loan, assist in the implementation of a business site "Five" service. At present, a total of 753 passengers should previous graduates mass preferential policies, recruitment and other messages, to provide job information for 467 people, for small loans to 2 students entrepreneurs, 200 thousand of total loans.

to improve the current college students’ employment work, also need a long way to go. With the opening of the first session of the students on the road ahead of entrepreneurship, the future of college students can learn from the experience of their predecessors, more effective.

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