How to choose a partner Two do not touch the minefield

partner selection is entrepreneurial, not to say that everyone can be the other half of the partnership. In this issue, there are different values, interest disputes. So when choosing a partner, be sure to understand what the other person is. When choosing a partner, do not touch the two minefields.

minefield one: select partner

friends do

in the selection of business partners, in addition to the family is a friend. Data show that the choice of friends with entrepreneurs to reach forty-five percent. Xiao Guoliang in a company to do business, although a lot of revenue, but always feel like this can not earn a lot of money to work. At a business party, he met Chen Boxin, a college student. The old man works in a scientific research institute, stable, but the day is not too warm.

the ideal partner requires not only zhigenzhidi, mutual trust, and both sides are highly complementary in ability and personality. Tacit cooperation might have become intimate friends in the long-term cooperation, but friends are not necessarily able to become the best partner, so when choosing a partner, don’t be sentimental.

area two: hasty choice partner

however 3 million yuan of funds in less than half the time it spent almost every month, and then enterprises are at a loss! Three shareholders continue to follow the proportion of shares to compensate for the loss of investment. So, losing from home money every month for Ma Hongyuan, probably lasted nearly a year. Under the pressure of funds, Ma Hongyuan eventually quit entrepreneurship, re employment career. In the exit, not only did not realize the shares, before and after the investment of about 3000000 yuan did not come back.

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