Xining plus dinner drink supervision

recently, the Xining Municipal Health Planning Commission organized by the district health supervision, focusing on food and beverage centralized disinfection unit health special law enforcement inspection.

the inspection, Xining two health supervisors Seongbuk food Disinfection Company, Mingrui Chengbei District Chengzhong District, Wang Jie catering catering win-win Disinfection Company Disinfection Company, Jie Kang Lai Jie, Chengzhong District, Disinfection Company and other 9 + catering catering concentrated Disinfection Company show field supervision and inspection, focusing on the production site layout, product packaging, labeling, employees health card, personal hygiene, disinfection process, the use of detergents and disinfectants to carry out supervision and inspection certificate etc..

from the overall situation of the inspection, the cleaning and disinfection facilities are equipped with Disinfection Company, the normal operation. Most of the employees are dressed in clean work clothes, masks and gloves, disinfection tableware packaging marked the name of the disinfection unit, detailed address, telephone number, etc.. But there are some prominent problems, individual companies did not establish a sound health management system, processing site layout is not reasonable, the existence of cross contamination risks, poor health, lack of indoor anti fly, dustproof, anti rat health facilities such as "three". In view of the existing problems, the inspection team of the person in charge of the scene to face to face, one by one to point out the problem, and put forward rectification opinions, ordered by the district health supervisors to track in place.


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