Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate prosecutors into the community for the people of Ju

"if I come to the Park Lane community, and do not have to go so many wrong road, I will go home to pay compensation to the court……" An old man on the Park Lane convenience contact the prosecutor said. This is from the West District of Xining City People’s Procuratorate in the West District of the 14 communities to set up a contact point of the people’s Procuratorate, September 26th in the Park Lane Community scene.

September 26th morning, Xining City Park Lane Community a dementia in the elderly because of losing results in a civil damages case appealed, came to the point of contact the community convenience. After listening to the old man tell the staff did, but in the face of the emotional man, liberating the staff he poured a glass of water first, and patiently chatted with him, his mood stabilized after a detailed explanation of the reason of this case cannot protest. Listen to the prosecutor’s words, the old man finally realized the damage compensation cases they are wrong, the court did not misjudge.

West District People’s Procuratorate since May this year, the establishment of the people’s Procuratorate contact point, has received more than a thousand visitors, to solve the difficulties of many residents.


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