Will say practicing singing happy festivals

"Dongdong, dongdong!" "The twelfth lunar month to sing a new song, happy life is finished, the reform and opening up well-off society, and benefiting the agriculture more affordable……" 27 at noon, in Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County lijiacun Li two town cultural compound, drum beating, bustling, original, all our rehearsal in January the fire.

lead jump is the most energetically village director Li Changzhong, he said, now we will spare time in the courtyard cultural dance, yangko dance, festivals also spontaneously organized singing, more entertainment than before, the life more and more happy. Talk about these two days, "NPC and CPPCC", the village Party branch secretary Li Jifu said with deep feeling: "the new agricultural country in recent years, the government’s protection, NCMS, reconstruction, two from a good policy, our days a year. Last year, we planted 800 acres of corn in the village film corn yield over 1000 pounds per capita income of more than 500 yuan."

has a full film technology, a lot of revenue increases, last year, my family’s 10 acres of corn film, only selling silage corn stalks sold more than 9000 yuan. This purse drum, cultural quality, spiritual pursuit can not lag behind ah." Villager Li Zengye said. Governor mentioned in the report to promote cultural villages and households, rural and pastoral areas and other public cultural film screenings, the future of our rural cultural activities will be more and more rich."

"is, since the cultural compound in the village, playing mahjong sanhuo, not superstitious, quarrel quarrel less, people come here to read books and newspapers, exchanges of planting and breeding technology, the whole village become happy and peaceful." You say a word I said to open. Li Changzhong said: in the new year, we also intend to use the scale of the development of agricultural resources and large scale breeding base of corn stalks, so that the villagers embarked on the road to rich farming." "Good policy is too loud. Come on, keep rehearsing……" "Dongdong, dongdong……" (author: Wang Yingshi Yanshou)



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