The second session of the electric vehicle challenge held in June to join the new stage

second Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge will be held from June 15th to 18, which is held during the 2015 green fair. At present, the second ring Qinghai Lake (International) the overall scheme of electric vehicle match challenges have been identified, this electric car challenge than the first line has been extended, added a new stage.

The second

ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge of the preparatory work has been started, the theme is "new energy, new technologies, new industries, the venue for Erlang Xining – – Qilian – Hot – Menyuan – Atomic City Sword – Bird Island – Gangcha – Atomic City – Xining. Among them, Qilian and Menyuan, hot water for the new stage of this extension. Including electric car stunt show, performance evaluation, the Qinghai Lake game.

in Qinghai Lake (International) electric car auto race, a total of 8 stages, the Menyuan, Qilian, Jiro sword scenic spots, Niaodao scenic spot, scenic spots such as the Atomic City Series, with different games or evaluation items for each stage. Such as Xining and Menyuan stage, evaluation is the charging effect of electric vehicles; Menyuan to Qilian stage, testing the endurance of electric vehicles. During the event, not the event Carnival series of activities, including the Kumbum Monastery parade, the theme music activities, flash flowers Menyuan Qilian Oriental Switzerland pop concert activities, and along the way, the star guests, participating vendors to participate in the public environmental protection activities.


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