Xining city mayor Wang Yubo network to make the government more see politics have good ears and eye

"the government exchanges with the masses on the Internet, to achieve" people call, I should be "; under the network to do a good job to ensure that the people are difficult, I will solve". The majority of people on the Internet most of the views belong to the post supervision, but you can also do the work in front of

now new media such as the Internet developed very popular, the network has become the daily necessities for many people, the modern government officials and adapt to the era of new media work, to learn from the Internet to observe the people, know the people, under the net to relieve depression, public opinion, sparse grievances, in order to win the support of the people.

know house leaks in the Yu, the loss of political knowledge in Kusano". The network allows us to hear different voices, let us more "improving government’s work, have good ears and eyes". Network space is vast, there are public opinion, there are wise, there are high, there are suggestions for the work of the government, comments, criticism, there are a lot of people look at the people’s livelihood can not sit. Usually after work, I often browse the people’s network, local leadership message board and other relevant information on the network and Xining, to make recommendations, complaints, what words are, and some are not polite. My judgment is that the vast majority of users are with goodwill and sincerity "irrigation", "spit" let us hear different opinions, Paizhuan help us work problems. A variety of voices in favor of government decision-making more democratic, scientific, more in line with the wishes of the people.

network is a "mirror", often in favor of leading cadres always remain sober minded. The government and its staff should have a strong sense of supervision. The voices of users from the front line, from the scene, although not necessarily very accurate, but there must be the whole story, allowing the government to see whether the work is in place, so that officials reflect on their own shortcomings. In the era of new media, micro-blog, such as the public to provide a big stage, everyone has a microphone". The use of the masses of the people, including the Internet, including a variety of ways to supervise the government and its staff, we can not lazy politics, not lazy government, to make a difference and not as a random. Some cadres to say: now words and deeds are in the eyes of friends, people may at any time you poke to the Internet drying, fire on the grill!

civil Bukexiaoqu, grievances can not be accumulated, public opinion can not be ignored. This requires a rigid system of protection, the need for strong style of protection, to ensure that public opinion is implemented. We can’t see the web, they’re staring at us. This is the pressure, but also the motivation to do a good job. The government should provide services for the public, enterprises, the government and the masses to communicate online to do people call, I have to be under the net to do a good job to ensure that the people are difficult, I will solve". I strive to be a good implementation of the mayor, asked the government at all levels of cadres in the implementation of the efforts to catch up and down, so that the masses said not to say. In 2012 the Xining municipal government established the system, implementation of the "three service" of public opinion online: full acceptance, management, full recovery. This has become the norm. Whatever people say, as long as reasonable, have taken seriously. An opinion may represent a person’s aspirations, but also may be related to the wishes of a group of people, the parties are concerned about the day;

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