People concerned about the price of electricity sector Q & A

In July 1st this year, the price ladder much attention of the community residents formally implemented, although the price ladder has been implemented for more than a month, and many people on the implementation of the price ladder is puzzled, various questions one after another, many readers asked to the newspaper hotline through a variety of ways.

"every month my power is not more than 180 degrees, according to the price ladder, we do not have more money. However, my family is not ‘a table’, but the table households, the results can not be implemented ladder price." "One family one table" when the transformation to his home? Xinmin round residential area, mr..

with the director explained that in accordance with the provisions of the provincial development and Reform Commission, after the implementation of the price ladder residents income growth will be used for a form of engineering, power supply enterprises shall not charge fees to the residents of the transformation of the meter users. Just now the price ladder implementation, income funds rarely, the need for transformation of the user is currently only to collect information registration, gradually making plan submitted to the provincial development and Reform Commission approved the implementation, is still unable to transform.  

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