Month: September 2017

Love Shanghai algorithm adjust brand protection consciousness

recently love Shanghai and adjust the algorithm. This time the adjustment algorithm allows the site to brand is more of a polymerization force. If careful Adsense will find this time the adjustment algorithm let love Shanghai products on the home page. Originally home seat Co., an increase in love products in Shanghai, this is conducive to the protection of the brand, if your brand is very famous, but the website is only one, the other nine? Who will participate in the ranking? If there is a website to participate in the rankings, it is not the website brand word closure the. This love Shanghai the adjustment algorithm has the following changes: read more

What the chain not desirable to love Shanghai chain update algorithm

remember a few years ago, we used to query their chain in various Webmaster Platform, so you can get a part of the chain, many webmaster inspired began to brush. Because such chain is relatively simple, some owners even all day long 24 hours to brush, thus causing the birth of a large number of garbage outside the chain, the way in the first is great, and can bring a lot of the chain for your website. Love Shanghai in the outer chain algorithm update, clearly put this kind of chain is defined as the garbage outside the chain, so the role of the chain basically useless, love Shanghai already can be identified accurately. read more

The search engine and a B2B a lover or a gay friend

May 2014, working as the first domestic B2B website announced business treasure and Google, Google will soon suffer domestic shielding, this makes people think. After Google was closed, domestic enterprises will certainly exit in the Google advertising, these companies can of course be the second best choice of love Shanghai, love Shanghai but in Europe and the United States market share is very limited. Another option is to business, foreign trade enterprises through business, to attract foreign orders. read more

What to do online how to make moneyAn analysis of the latest registration policy of the company

unfortunately, the management of the company in April 2nd began to shut down all male industrial and commercial procedures, new industrial registration has been frozen.

2, you want good things to do list, must list, best can write a little hung saw in you look up the place, and when you do, you look at the list and see what you want to do a thing done, after the look and see what are you going to do.


guidance statement

there are a lot of male entrepreneurs who will ask, "Chen expert, when do you expect the new zone to be registered?" read more

Long to look over on the optimization of

love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon ER owners are very concerned about the excessive optimization.

, of course, should also be to brush keyword search flow plus (love Shanghai and Shanghai love the search drop-down box); to brush social media sharing tools, the latest Google plus a "and a number of site exchange links (excessive exchange links)".

ZAC then summarized over optimized specific means: "external link anchor text is the same, is generally the main target keywords" and "external links in a short period of rapid growth, and then stop the growth of external link anchor text and web page title highly consistent", "on the key words optimization of places are optimized, such as title tags, keywords and description tags, H1, H2, bold, links, pictures ALT attribute," the first paragraph of text, internal anchor text, text, URL. The internal and external link the lack of change, the majority is to target the keywords for the anchor text page. The natural link will have the form of URL, there will be a deep page to chain". read more

How to optimize the enterprise website



past Shanghai dragon has been advocating "content is king, the chain for emperor", in fact, this sentence is still the truth, and more and more attention by all the major search engines. To love Shanghai search engine the "original", "spark plans to talk about the chain" judgment, are in fact emphasizes the content and importance of the chain, and the guidance of Shanghai Longfeng work, focus should grasp in the content and the chain, as long as a reasonable grasp of the two enterprises, enhance the website weight sooner or later. read more

Thinking of changing the idea of Taobao off the degree of user experience

from traffic to change the transformation rate of


change from a buy to stick to the user to repeat purchase

last year Taobao passenger station but also appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, I am also a little "the bamboo shoots", I do care, after 2 months I love Shanghai two words also ranked the top three, which has gone through the three love Shanghai behind three ranking finally to the stable position now, now every fixed IP200, for my website now products, they can not, I am contented, because my website in addition to Taobao no longer off to allow more people to access the reason. Recently, think again let my little Taobao guest website how to attract more traffic? How do I get the original Taobao skin care products do not only customers on skincare products? How can I get my site to become a platform for buyers? How come to my website visitors sticky on my site in the statistical background? Every day looking at the data, except some comfort accident, recently got some new understanding, don’t know what other people, my background visitors every day is new, no > read more

Mechanical analysis of enterprise website optimization techniques

machinery enterprise website basically belongs to late into the network marketing industry, most bosses are familiar with, for this is not so, enter this industry do optimization is relatively easy. Personally do the following can beat the industry first.

Select the

here I would like to emphasize that what many bosses really understand in the words of this block is not their own, think of feel good. For example, I came to this company, the boss keywords that is Shenzhen Guangzhou diesel generator, diesel generator, diesel generator in Dongguan, I see, not what index, the boss said the company business is limited to Guangdong Province, the province can not do. No, do it, less than a month the words sit up, a look at the boss, happy ah. Again after a month was not happy, because no single what. I advise, I said one word searching most of Guangzhou is the main diesel generator search keywords, so our consulting advice is not high, love Shanghai bidding, can control in Guangdong province. The boss opened up, the effect is good. But because of the keyword selection is not good, leading to the site itself advisory capacity is not too high. So, at the beginning of this year, I said, I said we do live the best website keywords, so sit up there is traffic, although the country has a telephone, but also to seize the Guangdong province customers, the most important is that these main keywords sit up flow is big, every click will. Optimization of the late (our Lord keywords index in 400). I also believe that the boss later, I changed, two sites are compared with keywords love Shanghai high index as the main keywords. Selected 8, 4 from each site, promotion. Despite the high index difficult to do keywords ranking, then operation really difficult, but I think the direction is right. The current site is slowly rising in rank. read more

How to make full use of business assets to Shanghai Long Fengzhong

never put the content or data

if one is a good strategy, to execute — remember, you are already doing optimization, than to develop new strategies, content or process easier. Especially for link building, which is the most likely to pick the fruit.

you may have never posted on the website of the content, the content often is of great value to Shanghai dragon. However, many companies do not understand the contents of this release to search engine friendly way benefits. You through the mail last printed a large number of articles is very suitable for web archiving. You should put all the electronic magazine content on the website. If you have a unique data or text materials, should put them in the relevant page (if there is no such content, consider creating some). read more

The problem of mobile terminal site optimization techniques

1, the headline should comply with the requirements of the

on the PC side, the left LOGO website will help the search for website attention. Similarly in the mobile terminal is a kind, and this is particularly important.

2, logo site in the mobile terminal

Daqi close, Phoenix Forum should be closed, visible, menacing face of the mobile terminal, in the PC era, some websites on the Internet day dash has disappeared. In the end PC is king of the times, who can get more traffic from the PC, who will be able to win. However, China Internet environment is now changing greatly, even love Shanghai is also a difficult transition, the transition to a PC and mobile terminal in parallel manner from the PC. Now the flow tends to distribute, does not depend on search. Traffic sources scattered, brought to the search engine pressure is a blow. read more