Month: February 2021

Stronger Together: Cisco and VCE

first_imgI’ve been a regular attendee at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual technology conference in Las Vegas – in fact I started my career in 1996 as a network engineer at Cisco. Each year Cisco has upped its game and delivered a better conference than the year before. This year was no exception. It was a forward looking event that focused on customer challenges and technologies that deliver meaningful results. The Converged Platforms Division of EMC was out in full force to support Cisco – one of our closest and strongest allies.Our partnership with Cisco goes back to before the inception of VCE in 2009 and has resulted in billions of dollars’ worth of business and generated tens of thousands of customers around the globe. Together we have changed the face of the IT industry by creating a new market category – converged infrastructure. The Converged Platforms Division is the undisputed leader as the number 1 in Integrated Systems in 1Q16, according to IDC. The meteoric rise of VCE is testament to the fact that customers need an agile, flexible and scalable infrastructure that can transform their journey towards the modern datacenter and deliver excellent business value.This theme was heavily underscored in a keynote in which I participated along with Cisco’s SVP and CTO, Zorawar Biri Singh, Sandra Rivera from Intel and Val Bercovici from Solidfire. My message was simple:  businesses around the world are looking to gain an edge in the race to digitize — to seamlessly incorporate new technologies, streamline operations and connect more closely with customers, suppliers, and partners. The Converged Platforms Division, along with allies such as Cisco, is playing a leading role in this field. Our transformative converged platforms enable customers to succeed with their critical digitization initiatives.Keynote Discussion: Digitization in a Cloud-Native WorldWatch the full keynote hereChuck Robbins visits the booth at Cisco LiveThere is no better validation of a portfolio than happy customers who are willing to talk about their experience and the benefits they have realized from a technology they have deployed. At Cisco Live one such success story was presented by Mike Somerville, from the University of San Diego, to a packed audience. Mike shed light on the challenges that led to the University opting for VCE’s converged systems four years ago and explained that their IT team was so impressed with the VCE solution that they recently not only bought another Vblock but also added a hyper-converged appliance, VxRail, to their arsenal. This highlights a key point – a large percentage of our business is associated with repeat purchases and is positive proof of how well our technology delivers what we promise it will.You can read the full case study here.Another VCE customer, a federal government department, presented at the event. He showcased the department’s success story by first highlighting the DIY pain they went through before migrating to an engineered solution from VCE, making a strong case for buying infrastructure rather than building it. He then contrasted the results from the department’s massively successful deployment with the VCE sponsored IDC whitepaper which assesses the business value of VCE Vblock Systems. I was pleased to see that the federal government department’s deployment results bested the metrics in the IDC whitepaper. Now that is what I call success!We also hosted our VCE User Group (VUG) meeting, a forum for customers to connect with us and other customers. Another successful event, it allowed us to touch base with our customers and take a quick pulse check on their challenges and future plans.By all accounts it has been an action packed last 12 months at VCE, the Converged Platforms Division of EMC, but one thing that has not only remained constant but grown stronger is our alliance with Cisco. Let there be no doubt we will continue to grow and invest in this relationship as we become Dell EMC.Here’s to a strong partnership and another successful Cisco Live!Watch Trey Layton’s Cisco Live TV interview – Trey’s section starts at 22:18last_img read more

See You at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

first_imgJust as Dell EMC World wraps, we’re gearing up for another big event – SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP’s largest global business technology event, in Orlando (FL), May 16-18, 2017.Dell EMC and SAP have built a strong relationship over nearly two decades, covering system design and delivery, and extensive services expertise at every level. With a focus on the future, Dell EMC has expanded its investment in the advanced analytics space, including building a Global SAP Center of Excellence to foster a tighter partnership and greater co-innovation with SAP. This heightened level of collaboration has led to great industry benchmarks and exceptional customer results.At SAPPHIRE NOW, we’ll be sharing more about how that collaboration enables us to help customers realize digital transformation. If you are attending, come to booth #758 to meet the Dell EMC family.. We are looking forward to discussing with you how to transform IT to run SAP® in the digital business – from the edge to the core, and how to innovate your IT with leading infrastructure solutions to take the best advantage of the in-memory speed of SAP HANA®.Don’t miss out on these Dell EMC highlights during these three days of networking!Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell will be present at the showLearn about Dell EMC portfolio for SAP including the full continuum of solutions:from build (ready nodes, bundles, and systems) to buy (converged and hyper-converged systems, hybrid cloud platforms)Dell EMC booth theatre with short and crisp business and technology focused sessions from the Dell EMC family and friendsSAP theatre session with Dell EMC on “SAP HANA Innovation and Optimization Using SAP IoT Foundation on Dell Gateways”Daily sweepstake in our booth #758The combination of Dell and EMC brings together two industry-leading companies with strong reputation for value and innovation. Dell EMC holds leadership positions in some of the biggest and largest growth categories in the IT infrastructure business, and that means customers can confidently source all their IT needs from one provider — Dell EMC.Stay tuned for more information – and see you on site in Orlando! Schedule a personal meeting with our experts!last_img read more

Software Defined Storage Availability (Part 1): Why Do With Three What You Can Do With Two?

first_imgAvailabilityDowntime per year Availability 99.9999% (“six nines”)31.5 seconds 99.9999669%(per storage pool)Click here Configuration Number Full Sizer Output 412 x R640 Servers, 10 x 3.84TB SAS SSDs, 2 x 10GbE, 1 storage pool, 250TB raw99.9999846%Click here 130 x R640 Servers,  10 x 3.84TB SAS SSDs, 2 x 25GbE network, 1PB raw: 1 Storage Pool99.9999179%Click here 99.9% (“three nines”)8.76 hours For example, 6-9’s of availability means that a system is unavailable for 31.5 seconds in a year.The ScaleIO MagicUsing ScaleIO you can easily build a ScaleIO cluster with 6-9’s of availability or more. ScaleIO’s unique declustered raid technology, its ability to quickly detect failures and perform fast rebuild allow our customers to get predictable and consistent performance and achieve 6-9’s or more availability with 33% lower storage capacity (and proportionate cost) than other vendors’ solutions that demand 3 copies of data.The ScaleIO architecture utilizes multiple mechanisms to achieve enterprise grade availability:The ScaleIO data protection scheme is based on full replicas deployed in a declustered raid scheme. This scheme offers superior recovery time with enterprise availability and provides consistent performance for customer’s applications even during a drive or node rebuild.ScaleIO’s rebuild process utilizes an efficient many-to-many scheme. The rebuild is invoked in the event of a drive or node failure and therefore the rebuild scheme allows for a very fast rebuild.ScaleIO uses ALL SDS devices in the storage pool for rebuild operations. For example, let’s say a pool has 200 drives, when one drive fails, the other 199 drives will be utilized to rebuild the data of the failed drive. This results in extremely quick rebuilds with minimum impact to application performance.ScaleIO detects a disk failure in seconds. This time includes the time it takes the Operating System to detect the issue plus the time it takes ScaleIO to start the rebuild process. ScaleIO starts the rebuild immediately after detecting the disk failure while some software-defined storage solutions wait a considerable amount of time before starting the rebuild process (typically tens of minutes and some have a default of an hour). As will be shown later, the inability to detect failure quickly, and then start the rebuild process immediately, significantly reduces the availability of those solutions.ScaleIO architectural innovations such as Protection Domains, Storage Pools and Fault Sets help customers manage failure domains very flexibly and in some cases improve availability.Read more on ScaleIO’s unique architecture here.Since these calculations are complex, ScaleIO provides its customers with FREE online tools to build HW configurations based on ScaleIO Ready Nodes to get comprehensive availability numbers that includes multiple possible failures scenarios. We advise customers to use this tool to build hardware configuration based on desired system availability target. If you are a ScaleIO customer, the tool can be accessed here.Here are some sample configurations each with availability of 6-9’s or higher Configuration Detail 99.99% (“four nines”)52.56 minutes 99.999% (“five nines”)5.26 minutes 90% (“one nine”)36.5 days As you can see a variety of highly customizable configurations are possible with varying performance and capacity to meet our customer’s needs with every configuration assured of 6-9’s of availability or higher. So like two engine jets, where modern technology is now capable of providing equal safety as four engines, ScaleIO architecture is capable to deliver 6-9’s of availability requiring just 2 replicas of data, and resulting in 33% lower cost. So: why do with three what you can do with two? 249 x R740dx Servers, 24 x 960GB SAS SSDs, 2 x 10GbE network, one storage pool 1PB raw, 3 Storage pools w 196 devices per pool 99.99999% (“seven nines”)3.15 seconds 35 x R740dx Servers, 24 x 960GB SAS SSDs, 2 x 10GbE, one storage pool, 100TB raw,  3 storage pools w/ 40 devices per pool99.9999968%(per storage pool)Click here Must an enterprise deploy 3 or more replicas of data, or some form of erasure coding, to achieve enterprise class availability (of 99.9999% uptime)? Several software-defined storage (SDS) vendors seem to insist so. But is this true? We will methodically discuss this topic in a series of three blog posts and equip you with better knowledge on this complex and very important topic.When it comes to safety, aircraft manufacturers are a great example of an industry that goes to great lengths to ensure maximum passenger safety.  When you boarded your last flight, did you board an aircraft powered by two jet engines or four? Do you generally feel unsafe when you fly aircrafts with two jet engines? Passengers, airliners and airline industry experts all agree that today’s two engine aircrafts provides an equal amount of safety as aircrafts with four jet engines. Why is this so? It is because innovations in engine and aircraft technologies have made a single engine very powerful and efficient – powerful enough to take-off, cruise or land using just a single engine. And once safety is ensured, superior economics determines the winner. As two engines are more economical than four, it makes them hugely popular with airliners (lower costs) and customers (lower ticket prices).The aircraft analogy is very similar to enterprise storage – enterprise customers can enjoy high levels of availability on well architected systems that require fewer copies of data, costing a lot less, but do not require any form of erasure coding. Dell EMC’s industry leading ScaleIO is one such system. Designed for demanding enterprises, ScaleIO is a data center grade software defined storage solution that regularly meets and exceeds six or even seven nines of availability.5-9’s or 6-9’s? Definition of Enterprise Availability SLAsAvailability of a system is defined in terms how much time a system is up and running throughout the year. A popular measure of availability is in terms of percentages: 99% (“two nines”)3.65 days 572 x R640 servers, 10 x3.84 SAS SSDs, 2 x 25GbE, 1 storage pool, 2500TB raw99.9999460%Click herelast_img read more

Put on Your Party Hat – The Future-Proof Loyalty Program is Turning 1

first_imgWhat a year!Over the course of the last 12 months the Future-Proof Loyalty Program has matured into a comprehensive customer experience program spanning a rich set of IT infrastructure products including primary storage, unstructured storage, data protection and hyper-converged infrastructure.  The program’s benefit pillars include technical capabilities, financial options and support offerings, with an eye to a world where your customers desire peaceful coexistence between on-premises and off-premises infrastructure (i.e. hybrid/multi-cloud).For us, the big news is the innovations we’ve encapsulated to support one of Dell Technologies’ three primary corporate goals – customer satisfaction¹.  We’ve been able to take a few powerful concepts – guaranteed satisfaction, investment protection, and timeless technology – and make them part of the purchase experience across the Dell EMC Infrastructure Systems Group’s (ISG’s) products.For you, the big news is that the program now spans 13 product families, across three of our product lines, and offers nine pillars, many of which contain multiple features like our multi-faceted Cloud Consumption and Cloud Enabled pillars. So, how has our program evolved this year?  We listened to your suggestions and are proud to share the progress we have made:¹Refer to the substantiations listed below.What a difference a year can make – What started out as a way to make life simpler for users in a crowded midrange storage segment became a way to make almost everyone’s life simpler, and to enable IT infrastructure users to take advantage of the latest product technologies and financial innovations in a multi-cloud world.“Dell EMC’s Future Proof Program allows the community to have a piece of mind for the lifecycle management of their infrastructure purchasing decisions. Being able to have an upfront understanding in place of the expectations on things such as data reduction services, maintenance support, data migrations, and trade in programs drives confidence throughout organizations that their IT vendor will be partnering with them for the long haul.” – Tech Data. What this means for you?  Through timeless technology and our continued commitment to provide investment protection, the Future-Proof Loyalty Program gives you the confidence to sell Dell EMC. Seize the opportunity to use this program to start new conversations, handle competitive objections and claims, drive strong customer loyalty and at the end of the day drive more revenue.Want to learn more? Visit and access the Dell EMC Future-Proof Loyalty Partner Overview to understand how to navigate the program and use the Dell EMC Future-Proof 1-Page Partner Guide to help guide your conversations. Knowledge CenterFor further questions, contact [email protected] ¹Satisfaction Guarantee: Requires purchase of a 3-year ProSupport agreement. Compliance is based on product specifications. Any refund will be prorated.Hardware Investment Protection: Trade-In value determined based on market conditions at Dell EMC’s sole discretion.Storage Data Reduction Guarantees: Requires customer signature and purchase of ProSupport with Mission Critical.Cloud Consumption: Dell EMC _exible consumption models enabled by Dell Financial Services (DFS).Cloud Enabled: Dell EMC products leverage cloud services including mobility, protection, data services and control.TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. Valid only on direct purchases or through participating Channel Partners who offer reciprocal program benefits to their customers. See your Dell EMC sales representative or Channel Partner for details.last_img read more